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Be Prepared: before you bring your new puppy home, consider what you will need. Here are some suggestions: Crate, not too big but not too little; a lightweight harness and leash which should only be placed on your puppy while in your presence; shampoo designed for puppies (perhaps your particular breed) comb/brush; food/water dishes which will be short enough for your puppy to adequately eat and drink from; bottled water since water differs from one part of the country to the other; exercise pen provides a safe place for your puppy to play safely; toys that are durable and cannot be chewed apart; doggie toothbrush and toothpaste to maintain a healthy smile.

Recommended Puppy Food:  Lifes Abundance...   We would like to introduce you to what we consider to be and has been rated to be one of the BEST Dog food products available on the market!!!   It has been tested to provide your friend a Longer, Healthier life with MANY health benefits (less trips to the vet):  1)  All the products were formulated by a holistic veterinarian; 2) Digestion, immunity, prebiotics, probiotics, Hair/coat benefits; 3)  NO artificial flavors, colors or Preservatives! 4) NO wheat, NO soy, NO corn, NO gluten!!! 5) Only brown rice and grout oats -- You will notice less waste from your dogs/puppy to clean up and with little to no smell.  Life's Abundance has a 25-year-old company that has NEVER had a recall of any product.  When you order this product the oldest food is ALWAYS less than 6 weeks old --made with fresh products that do not sit on the store shelves, warehouse pallets or truck loads for months -- DELIVERY TO YOUR FRONT DOOR FROM Life's Abundance factory!!  **Delivered by UPS in 3 business days of ordering.  No more running out of food and hauling the heavy bags into your carts, to the car and again into your home.    ALL OF THIS IS IN THE GUARANTEE!!!   Every dog has unique nutritional needs which can be affected by life stages (puppy/adult/senior) differences in personality (high-strung or laid-back) living conditions (sole child or one of many in the household) environmental factors and activity level.  Our Nutritional System unites All Life Stage Dog Food with Wellness Food Supplements in a single purpose - to provide your dog with excellent nutrition, every single day. 

Your puppy will come with a packet of Life's Abundance food  that he/she has been on.  WE ALWAYS KEEP ON HAND SOME FORM OF MICROBIOTIC to help stimulate the immune system and keep your puppy's health in tip-top shape, such as: Benebac or FasTrack (by Conklin - www. Please keep informed of the current news on the pet foods that are being recalled by going to or call: 1-866-895-2708 PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT NONE OF THE FOOD THAT WAS RECALLED WAS EVER ANY FOODS THAT OUR ADULTS OR PUPPIES WERE ON

NOTE: your puppy should always have feed and water set before him.  I have a favorite *Meatball Recipe* which is wonderful for any puppy -- keeps them healthy and adds to their overall well-being and lustrious coat.

Puppies love to jump from couches, etc. but this can injure their knees. Discourage any type of jumping to protect their knees. Further, collars can cause collapsing trachea in small dogs--use a harness.


Puppy MUST be seen by your veterinarian within 48 hours of when you receive your puppy... It is very important for your puppy to have a follow up exam and vaccination/worming schedule to be set up for its first year of healthcare... Your veterinarian is a good source of information concerning a number of topics with regards to the newest member of your family. Make sure you discuss all your questions with your veterinarian, including any new virus or parasites that may be prone to your State or community in which you live....

It is Very Important to keep the puppy up-to-date on his vaccines. At your initial health check, have your veterinarian schedule future appointments to maintain a current vaccination schedule. Puppies are born with special immunities passed to them by their mother, but that last for a short period of time and ceases at different ages for different puppies.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Because of the stress of transition, we recommend that your puppy have at least 2 weeks to transition into its new home and environment with just you and your immediate family... the stress of transition may weaken its immunities, puppy is still susceptible to many known virus and disease, we suggest that you keep puppy with you in its new home ONLY


When you personally pick up your puppy -- 

Puppy Food:

Life's Abundance  - All Life Stage Dog Food - happy - healthy- go power


Neckscarf for Boys or

Barrette or Necklace for Girls



Full Vet Exam

(opt. Health Certificate)

Vaccination/Worming record

Purebred Registration

Life's Abundance  Brochure & information

(Please order your Life's Abundance at:   -- once you have picked out a puppy and/or you've made a deposit on your puppy so you can have it available when you WELCOME HOME

your new puppy)    You might want to try the following treats also:  Pork & Apple treat or Turkey & Berry chewy

You can visit www.TOPDOGCOMMUNITY.NET and read the testimonials of many others that recommend Life's Abundance and keep coming back for more...  

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