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Brussels Griffon/ Havanese/ Papillon/ Shiba Inu

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FOR SHIBA PUPPIES after they turn 8 weeks.... for the Toy Breeds it is better to wait until they are 10 - 11 weeks of age... GROUND TRANSPORTATION: GROUND SHIPPING IS NOT AVAILABLE TO ALL LOCATIONS...   During the summer hot temperatures or winter extremely cold temperatures... there is this type of shipping available to many areas of the United States...   COSTS:  Total $300 - $400 +  no restrictions and we are trying to use this method as much as possible to reduce costs of shipping

The Ground Transporting services are for pets only... they are specially equipped to meet on the pets' needs during transport... here's information about them....  in business since 1994. We understand the cargo we are hauling is precious and requires knowledge, care and experience. Our vehicles are climate controlled, equipped with ventilation and Ionizer air cleaner systems. They  are cleaned on a regular basis during your pets trip. Open communication with every driver is always available. Every vehicle has an experienced handler to over see the care of your pet. We strive for excellence and you should expect nothing less. Our goal is to deliver healthy happy pets as quickly and as safe as possible.

Your trust and confidence is our reputation.

Feed and Water

All our riders are free fed and watered.  Lixits and water bowls are offered to all riders. Food and water is refreshed and waste pans are changed every three hours. Toy and Teacups breeds are offered specialty food at this time.


AT THIS TIME AIRLINE TRANSPORTATION IS now AVAILABLE but depends on the temperatures:  United/Continental is the airlines that we use if puppy must fly out of Nebraska... as they are acclimated for puppies to travel in all types of weather.  Airfares have gone up-- shipping costs have thus increased to $475 to cover the following: 1) airfare generally $354+,  Most times the flight must be booked a week in advance...  NORMALLY THE TOTAL CHARGE FOR AIRLINE TRANSPORTATION WILL BE $475- +.. 

1) Shipping by air transport  covers the costs of airfare and the following: a) purchasing a new Deluxe kennel ($40+) with airline-required extra bolts, 2) food and water dishes ($5.00+) as required by the airline, 3) necessary kennel stickers, 4) a water-proof packet of health information, 5) vet check forms, 6) puppy’s registration forms ($20) or Pedigree, etc, Your puppy will ALWAYS have an additional vet check with Health Certificate ($25) ($20 for Rabies if required) before the flight, and finally then we make the 4 hour drive to/from the airport. We do ship w/n the US as well as some places in Canada & Alaska and provide special attention to taking care of all reservations and plans for your puppy for a temperature- safe flight

Most generally we have tentative travel itinerary information within 24- 36 hours upon full payment and then Full Details of Your Puppy's Travel 7 days prior to shipment, including: Name of the airlines, Flight No.,  Confirmation Journey Number and Airbill Number as well as the arrival time at the destination point. There are times we need to use alternative shipping procedures, but you would be advised ahead of time to any delays, etc. or as soon as I received any change of information from the airlines.

     Once you have made a decision to buy a puppy the following information is required for the airway bill and Health Certificate, as well as other paperwork:  Your full name, address and telephone numbers as well as closest airports and form of payment... we would also like to know a little bit about you and/or your family and the home environment for your future puppy.   Note:  Once your puppy leaves me, you are the person that will be contacted concerning the arrival at its destination.  Also, please make sure to include the major airport close to you for transporter's information.     Full payment for the puppy and its shipping MUST be received prior to shipment.    Payments can be made  through Paypal wherein Paypal will send you a Request for Payment through an email (a 3.5% service charge is assessed by Paypal).   Please note that we try to avoid any hurt feelings based on "first-come-first-serve" policy.    Numerous responses through the internet are received on a daily basis,  and each puppy will be placed with the first person who makes a deposit or pays in full for that puppy.      SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE PUPPY.