*****PUPPY LOVE ***** 
Brussels Griffon/ Havanese/ Papillon/ Shiba Inu

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This is a toy Brussels Griffon dog who is intelligent, alert and has a terrier-like disposition.  They attract attention by their almost humanlike, quizzical expressions.   There are two types of coat, rought or smooth, both making a fine companion.   Though not recognized as part of the AKC profile, we do have teacup Brussels Griffon, too.  

      Height:   7 -8 inches               Weight:  6 - 12 lbs.

Most new puppy owners desire a limited registration for their new pet. A limited registration allows you to register your new puppy with the same registry that his/her parents are registered with and you still have the ability to do agility and obedience within the show ring as well as becoming a therapy dog. But, we ask that your new puppy be spayed or neutered. (See more details of Spay/Neuter information on another page of this website) In the unlikely event that your puppy does produce offspring, their offspring will be ineligible for registration unless a correction form is requested from us and filed with the registry. Of course additional payments are required at that time.

A full registration is desired by those that may want to show and/or breed their puppy. An additional fee of $250 - $500 is available, but please inquire before making your purchase. A full registration allows you complete control if you desire to breed your dog and you may show in conformation events along with the agility and obedience

Toy Griffs, tiny Griffs or teacup Griffs... also at times have Bruschi (Brussels/Chihuahua hybrid) registered with a Hybrid Registry.  

Red Roughcoats

    Pippi is in front -- Skeeter in back 

     Red Smoothcoat





This is our last litter for awhile....
 PIPPI's babies born 2/26/19    ready first part of May, 2019

2 Boys and 2 Girls --- All are red roughcoats.... AKC 

$2000  as they are the tiny ones!!! 

They've had their first series of vaccinations and wormings & full vet exams.... 

Boys reduced to $1500 
Boys vet exam - they checked out PERFECT!!! 

PIP --- little boy --
 lightest red of the litter   $2000 reduced to $1500 ---   AKC


LIL PIP -     Female  --  sold!!!


Tiny little girl  -- AKC     $2000 

PUP -    little boy 

Red Roughcoat

$2000 AKC   reduced to $1500  


LIL PUP --  Female   sold!!!!

Red Roughcoat

Tiny Little girl -- AKC   $2000 



Barnabus is doing great and as you can tell he may be a little spoiled. He loves to snuggle during the day and sleep cuddled up close to momma at night. We are so happy to have him as part of our family. Thank you for the sweetest lil boy ever!!!   12/2017

She just got to her new home in Georgia.... here's the response back from the new parents:

So delighted with this dog. Got her out of the kennel long enough for her to poop and pee. There was a lot of sniffing and a little barking. She wants to know where her sister is. She's in her kennel with the door open in a dark quiet room. I'll let her decide when she's ready to explore.

Is her name really Tink or is that just a name you use with every litter? My wife and daughter suggested that name not knowing it was already in her documentation.

Like I said, I'm so pleased and impressed with the job you've done. Send me an invoice for $50. I'd like to leave you a "tip".



 Here's the parentage lineage Black Beauty Sire: 

Sire to LLT Love Bug (red roughcoat) Pedigree includes:

Am. CH Astarte's Pistal Pack'n Pete; AM CH Astarte's Boot Scoot'n Guy; Am CH Endor's Country Cousin; Am CH Wild Bill of Astartes Toybox...





2 Little Roughcoat Boys  & 2 Little Smoothcoat Girls

Registered with America's Pet Registry, but can be AKC'd as both parents are AKC'd




Hi Judy,
I have been meaning for so long to send you an update and some pictures of Dixie and how she's doing.  She is doing wonderful!! She goes to the groomer about once per month and gets her hair cut, nails trimmed, etc.  The first time she went there, she was the model student for the other dogs and behaved perfectly.  The second time she went there I guess she felt a little more comfortable and decided to yelp loudly the whole time they clipped her.  They said the more she comes, the more she'll get to know everyone there and she'll be much more calm there.  She looks so cute when she comes home and her face and been clipped and you can see it and she always has a bandanna or hairbow.  I sent a picture of her after she cam back from the groomers so you can see.  She needs to go again soon.  I can hear her nails clicking on the tile around here.  She does well with all my kids and has never bitten any of them!!  My 3 1/2-year-old is relentless and sometimes will not leave her alone so she growls at her sometimes.  I always tell Suzette that it is Dixie's warning that she's had enough and wants to be left alone.  She's a really smart girls and knows  sit and stay already.  Fetch coming right upon her knowledge also.  She has these fleece balls that she loves so I have been throwing them for her and she brings them back.  She is all up to date on her shots and is going to be getting spayed here in a few weeks.  At the end of July, she went to Oregon and Washington with us and met our families.  She's a great traveler and a joy to have along on the road. She's pretty well housetrained, but I take her outside a lot!! She sleeps in a kennel in our closet at night and can keep it clean through the night so pretty soon she's going to graduate to her bed in our room.  The last time she was weighed at the vet she weighed 2.4 lbs. that was early last month sometime. 
Enjoy the pictures!!  I'll send some more sometime soon!!


he's ready for his new home in Canada!!!


Born 8/23/07
Ready 10/18/07


Est. Adult Wt. 

Ewok has made it to his new home, his new owner writes:

Hi Judy,
It's 10 P.M. here and just winding down from the excitement of having EWOK with us.  I prepared a playpen for his arrival and I have one of my chihuahuas that is 3 months in there with him to make him feel a bit more secure for the night.  He was full of energy upon arrival and frankly for such a little guy I was quite surprised.  He gave us plenty of puppy kisses and was not shy at all.    I love him very much and would like to thank you for way he was shipped to us.  The crate was large, allowing him a lot of room to move around and everything was so clean and documents were very well done.  As a breeder myself,  I must say, you do a terrific job and would not hesitate to adopt from you again.
Have  a great evening. 

Champions in his background include the following:  
CH Dotties Odis My Odis;  CH Echo Hills Johnnie; CH Echohills Corba;  CH Fredain's Anette;  CH Sundown Willowglen Von Kelim; CH Ma-Fi's Robbin of Boni Lu;  CH St Aubrey Arri of Elsdon; CH Starbeck Fiesta; CH Dundry Mr Midshipman; CH Little Kelim's Brussels Sprout; CH Bel Air's Lonesome Boy; CH Heathermoor's Ted-E-Bear; CH Heathermoor's Punky Brewster; CH Loriov's Jack in the Puplpit;  CH Echo Hills Lonesome Sun;  CH Kelim's Happy Days;  CH Hsu Jih The Wheeler Dealer; CH Nora of Wyndphal