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Hey Judy! I'm so sorry it's taken so long to update you on our precious girl! Sora has been such a blessing in our family. She is AMAZING with our son. They honestly act like brother and sister(partners in crime). We've made sure that they either have a baby gate between them or my son is in his play pen part of time she's running around our home. They do get time together throughout the day, when they do Sora is very gentle and calm. We've been so amazed at her understanding that John's a baby! We found a vet that she LOVES!! He walks in the room and she goes crazy with excitement! We're taking a 6 week training class starting in August with one of the top kennels in Lincoln. She is growing like a weed and is excelling in her training. We've done a lot of basic training at home and she's loved it as much as we have! We've used a harness to train her to walk on a lease, which she quickly learned to love! We go on long walks around the lakes by our house almost daily, which she absolutely loves! She also loves visiting her grandparents as much as our son does. We took her with us to my in laws 4th of July party. We put her in her kennel during the fireworks.. She napped through them we were so worried she'd be scared but they didn't ever bother her. We honestly couldn't imagine our life without Sora! She has been the perfect fit in our family and feels like our 2nd baby! We absolutely love and adore her! Thank you so much for giving us such an amazing Shiba! I promise I'll get better at updating you on our journey with her! LOVE,



"My Shiba has been the most amazing addition to my family; she's cute, fluffy, well-mannered, and people love to meet her! Judy was such a pleasure to work with and I couldn't be happier with my experience on the business side. I already know that another Shiba is in my future, and I'm definitely going to be going back to Judy!"


While we're talking, I've been meaning to ask, am I still able to register Delta with the AKC? I don't know that I ever received her paperwork on that, only the APA stuff. I think we might do an agility show at some point (Delta thinks it's so fun) and she needs to be registered for that!


Thank you for everything!

We went to the Vet and everything checked out! She is WONDERFUL! She is already crate trained, she sleeps through the night & almost completely potty trained! She also knows how to sit and lay down on command :) we could not be happier. Thank you for making our dreams come true!!!


Good morning! (from California)

Thank you for all your help in getting Koda

Attached are some photos of Koda, and he was named after an outgoing bear cub in the Disney film Brother Bear.

Koda loves long walks, tug-o-war, and playing fetch!

Receiving him 5 years ago was a great blessing, and we have since gotten him a baby brother in the form of a beagle pup named Cooper in November 2018


He’s very loved and he knows it

Hey Judy! How are you? Nino is already one year old and he is doing fine. He is adorable and sweet, and I am really happy to have him to be a part of my family. Here are some recent pictures that I took for Nino.


Just writing to say that I am really happy with the pup which I've named Newton. He's been quite the joy. He's super playful and full of life. Makes my day brighter. I've attached a couple of pictures of him.

Have a good day!

Hi, Judy!

I wanted to update you on our little guy, Toma! Pick-up went well, and he slept on my lap the whole drive home! He adjusted to his new home super quickly, and he absolutely loves running around outside, exploring the woods, and taking lots of naps with me on the couch. He's well on his way to learning a few basic commands, and his crate training at night is going smoothly! The amount of potty accidents in the house is already diminishing after only a few days. He wasn't eating a lot the first few days, but now it's back to a normal level! I've attached a couple of pictures of him!

Thank you so much for everything!

My name is Desiree. Back in July my boyfriend Chad went to meet you to pick up our little girl Olivia. I wanted to contact you to give you an update on her. She is very sassy, silly, and loving. We are so in love with her. Her favorite things to do is play fetch and chase squirrels. Here is what Olivia looks like today!

She has been named Rubi Jane and has just blended into our family

She was instantly comfortable with us and she and our youngest pomeranian are fast friends

Thank you so much

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to friend or hesitate to buy another

Hi Judy and April,

With the summer giving me a break from teaching, Nora and

I have gotten to do so many fun things together! She graduated

from Hilltop's Canine College about a month ago (I attached

picture of her diploma), and we went on a four-week vacation

to San Francisco to see my family! Nora came on the plane as

my carry-on in a little carrier that fit under the seat in front of me

She was the best traveling companion! She didn't make a sound

on the planes and was accident-free both going there and coming

back. The flight attendants were pretty impressed! I loved taking

her on walks by the beach and I attached another picture of her by the ocean.

She has been such a joy and I am so happy to have her in my life.

I get stopped by people telling me how cute she is and wanting to

know more about her every time we go on a walk. I am one proud

Shiba owner thanks to you both! I know your husband had a soft-spot

for her so please let him know that she is happy and getting lots of love :)

The last picture I attached is of my 88-year old grandma in San Francisco.

She has never been a huge pet person, but even she finally succumbed

to Nora's puppy kisses!

Again, I can't thank you enough!


Hello, Judy!

This is Rachel from Virginia Beach, VA. On April 1 my boyfriend and I had the chance to welcome our new puppy into our home. It's been two months since we've had her and I just wanted to let you know how she's doing.

We named her Hana, meaning flower in Japanese, since we got her during the start of Spring. She's grown into such a beautiful dog. She's still quite small, but growing fast! I have to commend you on your great upbringing with her because teaching her these two months have been a breeze. She is great with other dogs, has such a sweet temperament, and is extremely smart! It took her a while to get used to potty training with us since she didn't have a doggy door to use at her convenience but now she's practically mastered it and tells us when she needs to go. We taught her various commands such as sit, lay down, jump up, crawl, paw, and stay. She's been socialized with dogs both big and small, and plays great with them.

She's been spoiled rotten since we've had her and I can't seem to get enough of her. Landon and I just want to thank you so, so much. We're looking to get another Shiba pup in the future, and we'll definitely come back to you when we look again. I hope you are well, and once again thank you for giving us such a wonderful girl. I provided some photos of her for you too!

As promised, some lovely photos of our gorgeous little Shiba!

We named her MoMo which means "peach" in Japanese. She currently knows how to "sit" and "come" and we are working on "Laying down" and "Fetch"

Thanks again so much for breeding such a sweet and beautiful DOG!

Hello Judy, just wanted to say help from the three of us! We're loving our little guy to the moon and back. He's an extremely smart puppy and is catching on quickly to new life lessons! He's our little shadow, always by our sides haha. Everyone that sees him comments over what a handsome pup he is. Thank you for all that you did. We so appreciate you letting us reserve him, we couldn't be happier!!

Thank you and hope all is well!

Rachel, Ben, and Oaki

Hi Judy!

I just wanted to email you and tell you that we could not be happier with our little girl! She's an absolute doll! We named her Edo and she is already learning her name! She gets along so well with our other pup! They play all the time and cuddle when they sleep :) She's so smart and is doing so well with her potty training! We are so glad she is a part of our family! I'm attaching some photos we have taken of her :)

Thank you!

-Jessi and Tyler 

Hi Judy,

Just wanted to check in and tell you that Lily is doing great. What a fantastic little girl you raised,. thank you so much for her. I will be looking to add to our family and would love it if you could keep me in mind when you have more pups. I'm attaching some pictures of our little angel for you.

She Made it!! Thank you so much, she is beautiful!


This is the female we got from you last July. We love her so much. Very good dog.

Oki has been doing great here in the Twin Cities. He has been such a quick learner and has a wonderful personality. The vet and multiple people that have or know shibas have been so impressed with how friendly he is towards people and other dogs. He's been our little go-go dog. He went on our trip to Washington/Oregon and was in the plane cabin with us, slept the whole time haha.

In the upcoming future, if you have a litter of red shibas, preferably with a girl, we are very interested in driving down to Nebraska again to get Oki a sister!

Thank you and hope all is well!

Rachel, Ben, and Oki

Alfredo's puppy....

I remember you said to send pictures lol here's koda! Thanks so much we love him

My family and I got a pup from you a little less than a year ago. She is a cream girl . Her birthday was a month ago today and I just wanted to express to you how truly grateful we are for our sweet girl. She is VERY small, about half the size of our other Shiba, but her personality is VERY big and she is one sassy sis. She is a very light eater and we can't get her to put on much weight, but the vet says she's perfectly healthy and a good size. She is AMAZING with my daughters, and gets after our other shiba when he starts to get too rough with the girls. She is a huge fan of and far, so we can't let her have total freedom in town, but she loves visiting farms and exploring. She LOVES baths and being brushed and is a very girly girl. she's a really good girl now and a great listener, except when she is running. She has total tunnel vision when she is crazy running. Overall, she is just an incredible dog and I cant thank you all enough. We love her to pieces. She brings so many added smiles and giggles to our family. Thank you again

It has been almost 9months since baby Siru has joined our family.

> She is such a great little pup and is loved by everyone in our family as well as everyone we meet in the streets when we go for walks.


> She has been spayed in January and is perfectly healthy and up to date on all her vaccinations! Siru is such a happy little dog and doing very well.


> Just thought we would share some of her photos with you.


> Have a great day!


> Stacy & Kevin from Boston.

I just wanted to thank you again for breeding such a beautiful and sweet little girl. Royal has been such a blessing to my boyfriend and I, and already has a special place in our families. She has such a sweet and spunky personality and is constantly making us laugh. She is such a smart dog already at such a young age and is constantly our little "shadow" around the house. She has already grown and changed since we met, so I wanted to send you some updated pictures as promised. I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to reserve her! We couldn't be happier! I am now a Shiba lover and will definitely be coming back to you when we decide to add another to the family.

Thanks again,a


How have you been? We've enjoyed having Ryback in our family. He is sooooo cute and lovable. My friends husband doesn't care for dogs to much, but loves this one. He is doing great with potty training. Not to many accidents. We had some snow and he had fun playing in that. Now he is getting used to coming down the stairs. We just love having him and spoiling him! I'm even thinking about getting him a sibling for him next year some time from you. Our cats aren't that interested in him, and he just wants to play with them. Well thank you again so much for our new bundle of joy!


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