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Brussels Griffon/ Havanese/ Papillon/ Shiba Inu

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A Toy Papillon is a small, friendly, elegant Toy dog of fine-boned structure, light, dainty and of lively action.  They have butterfly-like ears.  Thy are devoted to their masters, with a hearty spirit making them desirable for companionship.  Hardy and long-lived.  They adapt to most climates and are comfortable in apartments as well as the country.  Good travelers and are friendly, happy and eager to please.  Ranking #1 Toy Dog in obedience.  Though not specific to AKC standard, we have the teacup Papillons, too 

  Weight  3-9 pounds          Height 8 - ll inches

We have Tiny Papi puppies, Toy Papi puppies and Teacup Papi puppies...

Most new puppy owners desire a limited registration for their new pet. A limited registration allows you to register your new puppy with the same registry that his/her parents are registered with and you still have the ability to do agility and obedience within the show ring as well as becoming a therapy dog. But, we ask that your new puppy be spayed or neutered. (See more details of Spay/Neuter information on another page of this website) In the unlikely event that your puppy does produce offspring, their offspring will be ineligible for registration unless a correction form is requested from us and filed with the registry. Of course additional payments are required at that time.

A full AKC registration is desired by those that may want to show and/or breed their puppy. An additional fee of $250 - $500 is available, but please inquire before making your purchase. A full registration allows you complete control if you desire to breed your dog and you may show in conformation events along with the agility and obedience.   All puppies are registered with a purebred registry... but if you want an AKC registration there is an additional cost.



OUR NEWEST babies    BORN 1/22
READY AFTER 3/19/2019

Registered with America's Pet Registry

We'll update pictures when they are 5 weeks of age

1 BOY AND 1 GIRL (Both are SOLD!!! ) 






One little Phalene mother






This is Sir Duncan DoLittle of Denver:   

Duncan is sooo funny! He hops and bops around. We call him monkey! He is also my baby boy. Loves to be held at night while I watch tv. He's a cuddle bug! We just love him.

thank you

Deborah in Denver


Hello Judy,I just wanted to give you an update on our little papillon. Phoebe (I think you called her Honey) came to us July,  you shipped her to Sacramento for me. Phoebe is the light of our lives, we just laugh at her and can't help hugging and kissing her all the time! She went through a long shy period but is really coming out of her shell with non family members now. Phoebe loves to hike with us and the other dogs and has started going on cross country ski trips but her favorite thing in the whole world is the tennis ball. We cant imagine life without her anymore so thank you so much!




Here is little Bella.... we enjoy hearing from our new parents and getting those updated pictures....

So glad our babies have found wonderful, loving homes!!!



I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how Harmony (we now call her Chloe) is doing.  our little princess arrived safely. She was a little shy at first but once out of her crate, she showed that she was a little spit fire! Her vet appointment went well and she got a clean bill of health (not even an earmite or flea). Chloe is very friendly and has no fear. She loves chasing her new big brother, Napoleon, and he is gradually getting used to her, too. Over the weekend we tried taking her out on a lease and she is doing ok. Housebreaking is going well and you can tell that it is not new to her. She is so beautiful and sweet and has made a wonderful addition to our family. I have attached a picture for you to see.

Thank you so very much for our new little love!



Lil, our last little teacup girl went  to go to a new family who has adopted 2 of our little tiny Papillon puppies!!! --