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CONTRACT / GUARANTEE for Puppies $500 and more


Breed: __________________________________ Date of Birth: _____________ Male ___ Female___

Color/Description: ____________________________Sire: ________________ Dam:_______________

Puppy Price: $_________________ Registration: $___________ Type_______________ Shipping: $______________________

NOTE: If you are personally picking up your puppy, your puppy must be paid for in advance OR you must bring CASH as payment at the time you receive your puppy.

Every effort is made by Loyal, Loving & True (Seller) to insure that the puppy is delivered in a healthy and sound condition. The puppy will come with a Health Certificate and a Full Veterinarian Exam as well as the Vaccination/Worming schedule, registration papers and a Puppy Pak. *The cost of the puppy does NOT include shipping costs or fees incurred when making the payment for the puppy and/or shipping.

All expenses incurred after the puppy leaves the Seller, medical or otherwise, are the responsibility of the Buyer. By reading and signing this document, both Seller and Buyer enter into this agreement in the purchase of the above-named and identified puppy.

    The Seller guarantees the puppy for (1) one year from the date of birth against life-threatening congenital or hereditary defects. If the puppy has a life-threatening congenital or hereditary defect which has been diagnosed or examined by 2 unassociated veterinarians to seriously impact the quality of life, or warrant euthanasia, or require continuous medical treatment throughout the course of the puppy's life; the Seller will provide the Buyer with this option: the Buyer MUST return the puppy to us, we will ONLY refund the purchase price of the puppy, less any shipping or payment fee charges incurred by the Seller. All papers must be signed with a transfer to the Seller. Please note that many disorders that would be a major problem in other breeds may not be considered hereditary. The Seller is not responsible for miscellaneous problems such as: hypoglycemia, coccidiosis, Guardia, parasites, types of bacterial infections, and certain disorders that may be caused by environmental factors, i.e.: allergies, thyroid dysfunction, demodectic mange and other autoimmune disorders. All hernias (naval & inguinal) will be repaired before leaving if found through the full health exam by the veterinarian if deemed necessary. Hernia repairs nor cherry eyes and the such do not warrant return of monies as it is not life-threatening and in no way interferes with the quality of life of the puppy. There is no guarantee by the Seller of breeding abilities, show quality, size, coat quality, temperament or adaptability.   ALL OUR PUPPIES ARE RAISED TO BE FAMILY MEMBERS ONLY, THEY DO NOT COME WITH AKC BREEDING RIGHTS.  If you are a Professional Breeder and want a FULL AKC registration for breeding that will be EXTRA!!! 

To keep this Guarantee in force: The Buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of delivery; provide the puppy with routine preventive care, such as, but not limited to: vaccinations, wormings and annual health checks. The Buyer understands that he is responsible for all costs associated with but not limited to any medical treatment upon delivery. The Buyer understands that to keep this guarantee in force the puppy must be examined within 48 hours of delivery along with the details of this paragraph.


The Buyer has received and read the literature provided by the Seller concerning "Puppy Care" and "Special Care"; and understands the Seller is not responsible for hypoglycemia or diagnosis of coccidiosis, Guardia or other types of bacterial infections as the Seller has no ability to administer any type of care once the puppy leaves the kennel.


The Buyer agrees to RELEASE and FOREVER DISCHARGE Loyal, Loving & True ' its directors, successors and assigns, and all persons on its staff who are in any way directly or indirectly connected with said purchase from all damages and causes of action, either by law or in equity, which Buyer may have or acquire or which may accrue to Buyer and/or Buyer's heirs, administrators, executors, personal representatives, successors or assigns, as a result of the purchase arising herein.

PAYMENT: Loyal, Loving & True will accept a non-refundable deposit or half down to hold your puppy. The sale of the puppy is based on first-come-first-serve basis. The balance is due two weeks prior to shipping. If the puppy is ready for shipping, the full amount is due. Prior to shipping, if the puppy is examined and found to be unfit by the licensed veterinarian, a full refund of the deposit or entire amount previously paid for puppy and shipping will be returned to the Buyer. However, no payment fees incurred through your bank or other institution for wire transfers, Cashier's Checks, Money Orders and/or through Paypal or other lending institutions will be refunded -- only the previous paid amount for the puppy and shipping will be refunded.


SHIPPING: Shipping is NOT included in the price of the puppy. 


This contract is governed by the laws of the State of Nebraska. All parties agree that all arrangements for the purchase of the above-described puppy/puppies and all the terms of this contract were made in the State of Nebraska, regardless of whether by telephone, e-mail, fax or other electronic wire transmission. All parties stipulate that Loyal, Loving True is a Nebraska business and only does business in the State of Nebraska.


I have received, read, understand and agree to the terms of this Contract/Guarantee and conditions of sale and accept full responsibility for the health and well-being of the purchased puppy as set forth by my hand:


Buyer's Signature Date


Representative (Loyal,Loving & True Date

Judith M. Williamson, 110 N. Platte Avenue, Box 43, Stamford, NE 68977

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