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Brussels Griffon/ Havanese/ Papillon/ Shelillons/ Shiba Inu

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My daughter, April's loves to share with families   her favorite Purebred Breed of dog:  Shiba Inu....  
and there is full details about  the Shiba Inu on the Shiba Inu page...   All her adults are AKC (American Kennel Club) registered 
and some have dual registries with APRI (America's Pet Registry).    We are helping her to advertise and sell her puppies... 
    You will notice on our website that we have tried to add webpages of informational materials to help you get off to a good start with your new baby.   Our babies are nurtured with YOUR family at heart...We believe the little things we do now make a big difference for life... your baby is not just a puppy, but a once in a lifetime companion!!!

My son, Shane, has a trio of Brussels Griffon, which is his favorite breed of dog... 

and there is full details about  this breed on the Brussels Griffon page...   All his adults are AKC (American Kennel Club) registered 
and some have dual registries with APRI (America's Pet Registry).    We are helping him to advertise and sell his puppies... 

ALL OUR PARENTS ARE AKC... unless they are our Designer Breed "Shelillons"

 (Not Required - But see more details of Spay/Neuter information on the Puppy Manual  page of this website) 


More information on each on Mom's Havanese and Mom's Papillon page.

In the process of certifying our Papillons for therapy service... 

so excited to be of community service with our puppies!!! 


We have had many years of educational experience in puppy development,  preferable vaccinations,  and  work hand-in-hand with our veterinarians to solve health concerns.  We hope you will find our website informative and helpful as you plan your adventure with a new companion.  Holistic animal husbandry is a MUST includes: limiting vaccinations, using natural remedies rather than drugs from the vet’s pharmacy, providing non-fluoridated water, choosing organic and non-preservative feeds as much as possible, giving natural toys rather than BPA plastic toys, etc. An eco-friendly environment effort into: recycling, re-purposing, composting, keeping toxic cleansers and chemicals out of water supply, using renewable energy sources, minimizing use of electricity, etc. 

We work closely with several small animal veterinarians to guarantee your puppy is a healthy puppy ready for lots of Tender Loving Care!!!      

We hope you find true "puppy love" at our website!!!

?Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.?  


Designer puppy

designed by April

AKC Sheltie + AKC Papillon


April calls them: